If any of you attended the MOBO Awards nomination ceremony, you’ll remember one thing and one thing only. Capital Xtra host’s Kojo’s outfit.

Kojo wore a leather/plastic vest we will never forgive him for putting on, while posing on the red carpet with Olympic star Louise Hazel. I like leather, don’t get me wrong. But just not on Kojo…

Though if you are thinking of dressing up in cattle hide, here’s some tips on how to do it like you mean it.

Leather for the Ladies


what to wear to the mobos the leather edition

Mango black leather top
£56 –

Carven leather skirt
£695 –

Cross bag
£16 –

Black lipstick


Don’t worry about looking like a vampire/prostitute. Leather is so in right now. Accessorize the look with leather gloves and black lipstick. And don’t forget to walk around with your tongue out. Miley Cyrus style.

Outshine Kojo With These Leather Pieces for Men


what to wear to the mobos the leather edition 2

SuperDuper Hats black snapback hat
£285 –

Saint Laurent Leather Button-Down Shirt, Black
£1,830 –

SAINT LAURENT Nappa Leather Biker Trousers
£3,655 –

Boohoo Leather Look Panel T Shirt
£15 –


Anything Kojo does, you can do better.  Leather shirt, leather trousers, leather shoes, leather hat. Hell, get leather grills if you can!