All musicians with interesting and gripping stories get their own films made about them. Eminem, Notorious B.I.G, Tina Turner… The list is practically endless.

And one of our own could soon get his own biopic if Adam Deacon has anything to do with it.

The director and actor was inspired by a tweet from the UK Rap Up account, saying that a Wiley film needed to be made with Idris Elba playing the outspoken MC.

Umm, let’s be a little less ambitious, okay? I think Noel Clarke might be available.

Adam Deacon then responded by saying he’d be interested in making it happen:

After getting Wiley’s attention, he made it clear that it was something he’d like to get involved in too:

It seems like everyone is definitely on it.

Does Wiley deserve a film on his life? Would you go and watch it?