When will these X Factor contestants learn that you need to be able to legally travel to take part in the talent show? It seems like never as once again, a contestant has lost their place due to visa struggles.

Surprisingly, it’s not one of the Rough Copy guys even though one of them were seen uncontrollably crying when he couldn’t join his bandmates on stage, instead it’s a member of group Code 4 who found themselves unable to go forward with the competition.


Mark Wyman, 1/4 of Code 4 was denied access to Gary Barlow’s rented judge house in New York as a past conviction for conspiracy to rob and theft meant he couldn’t travel to the American state.

Tut, tut.

So sadly, that left the remaining Code 4 members changing their routine just a few days before their Judge’s House appearance.

Aww. Well, at least they haven’t lost the backflipping member – who I like to call the Aston of the group. Also will they change their name to Code 3 now?


Just a note to future X Factor applicants though: It’s really not rocket science. All you have to do is make sure you have no previous convictions, be certain that you’re a legal citizen and the world is your X Factor oyster!