hannah barrett drugs x factor When auditioning for the X Factor, remember to delete your Twitter account. Once you have deleted it, make sure you contact Twitter, and any other program that saves tweets, to ensure that all your 140 character messages are deleted from the internet for ever.

Unless of course, you want to be exposed like X Factor’s Hannah Barrett. The 17-year-old singer posted a tweet on an old account saying: “I want to smoke a spliff & go to bed tbh. I’m so bored”.

The tweet was discovered by The Mirror, who then shared it with the rest of the world so we could all engage in some Sunday judging.

x factor hannah barrett drugs

The Mirror managed to troll through Hannah’s tweets, despite the account being deleted shortly after she made it to judge’s houses, and found the potentially damaging tweet.

The talented star referred to drug-taking on March 30, four months before she ­auditioned for the reality show. Hannah joins Tamera Foster, who also tweeted about marijuana before auditioning for the show.