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Every year an X Factor contestant is exposed for something silly they did in the past. And by the past we mean a few weeks before they auditioned for the show.

This time it’s Lorna Simpson. A contestant in Sharon’s Over 25s group. The Sunday People found her YouTube and Facebook account, stole her photos and spoke to her ‘friends’ who have revealed everything about her bar her bra size.

x factor lorna simpson gunA picture of the 26-year-old wearing a bikini or underwear and holding a huge 18 inch 12-bore pump action riot control shotgun was discovered on her YouTube page. The images have sparked outrage from anti-gun campaigners, who accused her of being “irresponsible” and of “glamorising guns”.

Lorna was contacted by the Sunday People and told them that the gun belonged to a policeman who lent it to her for the picture. We wonder if he lent her the outfit too?

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The talented singer married a convicted yardie cocaine dealer at the age of 18 and moved to Jamaica with him after he was released from jail and deported.

I was just 18 years old when I met my ex and it was a very troubled relationship. I was young and naïve and he controlled and abused me. I am proud to have escaped him and am hoping that X Factor will give me the opportunity to better my life.

A close family friend told the Sunday People:

Lorna has had a terrible time. She went to Jamaica for a fresh start with Errol and they got married there but her Caribbean dream ended up turning into an absolute nightmare and she came back after two and a half years. She was completely destroyed when she got back. Her confidence was totally shattered and she was utterly heartbroken. Lorna’s mum described him as a ‘Yardie man’ and said he was no good. The truth is looking at her now she is almost unrecognisable because she has put on so much weight comfort eating to deal with her heartbreak.

Charming! No one asked what you thought about her weight luv.

x factor lorna simpson hood loyalty sex sceneIt’s also been revealed that Lorna starred in a raunchy budget movie. The film is called Hood Loyalty and was released last month.  It features Lorna in a naughty sex scene, where she strips down for a role she believed would help her career.

I’m so ashamed I took part. It wasn’t even lots of money, I just thought it would help my career. We weren’t actually having sex. It was just acting. I didn’t realise it would be explicit, but by the time we came to film the scenes it was too late for me to back out.

The south Londoner was paid £150 for her services.