tamera foster dumps joshante boyfriendTamera Foster has split-up with her boyfriend Joshante after rumours of the X Factor star cheating hit the web

Joshante, 20 is reportedly struggling with Tamera’s new found fame and the attention she has been getting from other X Factor contestants.

tamera foster current boyfriend joshanteThe couple split this week, just days after they were reported to have had a huge argument last week. A show source said:

Their relationship is volatile and they don’t seem to be able to make it work at the moment. For Tamera her priority is The X Factor and that has been tough for Joshante to cope with.She is getting lots of attention from other admirers, including some guys within X Factor who fancy her.

tamera foster jay kingsland boyfriend x factorThe popular singer is rumoured to be in a relationship with fellow contestant Jay from Kingsland Road. Tamera has been sharing photos of the pair on her Twitter and Instagram account .

tamera and jay from kingsland dating

And I must say they do look cute together.

Tamera stole Joshante from his former girlfriend, cheating on her then boyfriend at the same time, so to be honest we’re not really surprised about her calling things off with Joshante.

Joshante set up an askfm account, where he confirmed that the pair had called it a day. He also said nothing was going on between Tamera and Jay and explained the reason for their break up.

The entrepreneur said the relationship ended because they were both pursuing their dreams and revealed that he still had feelings for her. Awww.

I then spent the rest of my day trolling through Joshante’s askfm account, and he seems like a really cool guy. In fact I might have to send him a cheeky little DM myself now that he’s a free agent!