X Factor contestant Tamera Foster is already gaining a bad girl status as her current boyfriend decided to spill the beans on her and the The Sun that she stole him away from his ex girlfriend.

Oh poor little victim you.

20-year-old Joshante Amihyia told the newspaper:

What she wants, she gets, and when I was in a relationship, she wanted me. 

Does that apply to everything in life, or just men?

We were texting each other and we kissed several times behind my girlfriend’s back, although we didn’t sleep together.

Gradually I realised it was her that I really wanted to be with.

However, Joshante hinted that the honest and trustworthy publication that is The Sun twisted his words (never!):


He then tweeted words of support to his girlfriend, calling her the next Beyonce:


Tamera, 16, has already made a name for herself as being somewhat of a rebel as it was revealed that she smoked weed and was reprimanded by the police for beating up a girl.

I don’t ever remember Beyonce beating anyone up.

Oh, we’re going to have some fun with this one.