tamera foster cheat duwaine We love the stories that expose X Factor contestants. Obviously the most juicy one was Lorna Simpson’s sex tape, but the latest one is pretty interesting too.

Duwaine-Sarumi tamera foster ex boyfriend

Tamera Foster has been exposed as a ruthless cheat by her ex-boyfriend, who claims that he found out about her infidelity via Facebook. And she didn’t even apologise.

Duwaine Sarumi revealed that he was heartbroken when he discovered that Tamera was cheating on him with her current boyfriend Joshante Amihyia.

Duwaine-Sarumi-and- x factor Tamera-Foster-ex boyfriend cheat

The 17-year-old found out about her cheating ways on Facebook, saying:

The guy she was seeing sent an email to my Facebook account saying, ‘Hi, are you dating Tamera Foster?’. When I replied ‘yes’, he just sent one back saying, ‘Well so am I’. For me, that was unforgivable. We had been so happy together – so I ended it with her.

Is is just me or does this Joshante guy sound like that bad boy you shouldn’t be dating, but you do it anyway. Duwaine added that the break-up left him in pieces as he was besotted with her:

It was pretty ruthless. I was gutted because I loved and trusted her. She didn’t say sorry or cry. It was a very cold-hearted way to end things after a great five years.

Great for you maybe.

tamera foster cheated on boyfriend

Tamera’s former boyfriend went on to say that she used to be a shy girl and that he basically made her who she is today.

She was very beautiful and quite shy in the early days, I think being with me and starting to hang out with my friends made her grow in confidence. She developed into a bit of a Queen Bee.

We wonder how many other boyfriends are going to crawl out of the woodworks claiming she cheated on them , didn’t return their text messages or aborted their babies. And what about a sex tape? Does anyone have a Tamera Foster sex tape?

Duwaine Sarumi is not a singer, but maybe he could release a Drake-esque album to complain about all the heartache she put him through.