As if we hadn’t heard enough about the ins and outs of Tamera Foster’s life ever since she decided to audition for X Factor, it appears the 16-year-old’s life is rocked with even more scandal as she revealed that she does not know her father.

Speaking to The Sun, Tamera said about their relationship:

I don’t know my dad. I met him on my first birthday and he left me a dress, a teddy bear and a pair of gold earrings. I never saw him again.

And despite being absent for basically her whole life, Tamera also expressed fears that with her new-found fame and possible success, her disappearing father would try to claw his way back into her life:

He has had chance to fix up his game. If he didn’t care to do that then or for the last 16 years then what’s his business coming back now?

Too right. What is it with some fathers trying to re-enter the lives of their now-successful children anyway? At least be subtle about it!