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I don’t go to many concerts. But when I do, I like to go home with a story. And boy do I have a story for you. Pappzd attended the Cokobar Afrobeats Festival on Sunday, where Flavour N’abania performed an unforgettable set of his most loved hits.

As well as Flavour, entertainment on the night was provided by Olamide, Sean Tizzle, Lola Rae and a guest who almost stole the show with her “talents”.

cokobar girl shows underwearEddie Kadi, who was hosting the show, called some females onto the stage to enter a dance competition. And dance they did. But there was one girl in particular who took it to another level by showing us why Zimbabweans are top ten when it comes to fearless Africans. *cough* Mugabe *cough*

flavour cokobar girl gone wildAfter about three minutes of a performance we will never forget, the brave Zimbabwean won the dance competition. Here’s why:

 She Flashed Her Underwear

zimbabwean girl at flavour cokobar concert dancing

We’re not sure if she was showing her underwear on purpose or if it was a result of her dance moves. We just know that the crowd were loving it.

cokobar festival Imagine if she went commando!

She Had More Arse on Show Than a Brazilian Samba School During Carnival

zimbabwe girl dancing cokobar

As if flashing her ladybox wasn’t enough, the Zimbabwean dancer’s skirt started to ride up, showing us what Nigerian artist D’Prince would refer to as her “selling point”.

She Set a New Fashion Trend

girl dancing cokobar festival

Have you ever tried the belt over your belly look? No? Well here’s an example of the new trend being pulled off perfectly. Tell your friends. Everyone will be doing it soon and you definitely don’t want to get left behind on this one.

She Looked Like She Knew How to Fly

zimbabwean girl at flavour cokobar concert

Photographers on the night managed to catch some great shots of the dancer before she broke into a crazy move. This was probably before she jumped into the air and done the splits. She’s practically levitating.

When she was announced as the winner of the dance competition she was taken backstage and disappeared. I spent the next thirty minutes looking for her, but all in vain.

I guess I’ll never know the name of the girl who had the whole of the Indigo2 screaming for her with the help of a belt, her underwear and some powerful dance moves.

girl dancing cokobar festival

Check out some more photos from the night in our review of the Cokobar Afrobeats Festival. And if you know this girl, please point her in my direction.