1 xtra dj ace jls new band memberIf you thought JLS were splitting up, think again. It was all just a ploy to kick Ortise out and get 1Xtra’s DJ Ace in the boyband.

And here they are in their first ever promo shot, looking like they’re ready to take over the world.

The X Factor boyband gave one of their final interviews to Ace, talking about the avenues they will be getting into, now their singing days are over.

Ortise wasn’t with the boys as he was doing some promo work for Charity Relief.

He asked Marvin, Aston and JB if they would form a new boyband, assuring them that he’d add some flavour to the group by doing the Rick Ross ad libs.

Unfortunately Ace didn’t perform any harmonies with the boys, so they probably wont be inviting him to sing with them during their final shows next month.

But at least he can tell his kids that he was part of JLS, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.