15 things from the 90sAh, the 90’s. Even though it may be a blurred memory for some, I’m sure we can all agree that life was much better back then.

People were amazed by computers, kids played with toys instead of Ipads, and you probably had a very embarrassing haircut.

Here are 15 things that might spark some memories of your childhood.

1. Scrunchies


2. Stick On Earringssticker earring

3. Jelly Shoes

jelly shoes 90s

4. Mood Rings (did those things actually work?)mood ring 90s

5. RecessRecess 90s show

6. Tamagotchi


7. Britney Spears (before she went crazy)britney-spears-16-years-old-10

8. Goosebumps (The cause of many nights spent hiding under the duvet)Goosebumps Perfect school

9. Nintendo GameboyNintendo Gameboy

10. Crash Bandicoot on PS1crash bandicoot 90s

11. Beanie Babiesbeanie babies 90s

12. MTV actually playing music videosmtv used to play music

13. The Macarenathe macarena 90s

14. Pokemon CardsPokemon Cards

15. Chuckle Vision

chucklevision 90s