Ellie Shepherdson, 17, has claimed that X Factor winner James Arthur has left her devastated after inviting her to her house for sex, throwing her out the next morning then ignoring her afterwards.

Ellie states that their short-term romance began when she and James started talking on Facebook. The 25-year-old singer wasted no time in inviting the young girl to his flat in Hammersmith, leaving her alone for a few hours whilst he went off to do some filming and having sex with her as soon as he returned.

I don’t know how it ended up in sex, but it just did. We were kissing on the settee then he wanted sex. He kept his top on. He wouldn’t take it off. It was a black t-shirt. He kept it on all the time.

Following their first encounter, Ellie went on to explain that the pair ordered a pizza and watched TV, with James asking her to perform a sexual act on him as he watched TV.

The teenager, who lives a mere 270 miles from London in Stockton-on-Tee and travelled by bus to see the singer, claimed that the way James spoke to her made her believe that their love was for real:

I’m devastated. I realise now he just used me. He made me believe we had something — then treated me like a piece of meat. I really felt like we were in a relationship. From all his words, that’s what he made me believe before we were intimate.

But I realise now he just wanted one thing – sex.

After getting what he allegedly wanted from her, James rang a taxi for Ellie the following morning, woke her up and put her in it and never spoke to her again.

A spokesperson for James Arthur has since made a statement saying:

This was a private relationship, with Ellie Shepherdson sending James a considerable amount of explicit and flirtatious material to attract his attention.

He is disappointed Ellie has chosen to make these one-sided claims and disclose details about their private time together in public.

Ah, that’s a shame. Seems like James Arthur may have a voice that attracts the ladies but he is definitely NOT a gentleman.