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London is set to get its third Westfield shopping centre in Croydon. More than 1 billion will be invested into the south London branch, and it’s likely we’ll stop bumping into London’s southerners on Oxford Street, or any other retail location ever again, as developers are predicting that the site will be a top ten retail destination in the UK.

So what’s next? A Westfield in north London? We think so. Here are five north London locations we reckon need a Westfield.

1. Tottenham

westfield in tottenham

Don’t make that face. Tottenham would be a great place for a brand, spanking new Westfield.

There’s great transport links, (if you don’t mind taking a bus full of rowdy teenagers to the nearest station) and it’s the home of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur. Who are top ten in the premiere league, might I add.

The word Tottenham may spring to mind when you think of the Broadwater farm riot, 2011 London riots and Mark Duggan, but it was once a popular recreation and leisure destination for wealthy Londoners and a largely middle class area until the 1870s.

Where would they put it you’re wondering? I dunno, maybe knock down Broadwater Farm, displace thousands of people and build a fancy new shopping centre. Success!

2. Enfield

westfield in enfield

I’ve lived in Enfield before, and I know it’s a nightmare to get back home after a night out in central London. In fact, it’s a nightmare trying to leave Enfield. Because if you miss one of the National Express trains that serve the area every thirty minutes, you’ll be late for work, late for your interview and your day, possibly even your life, will be ruined.

How do we solve this problem? A Westfield in Enfield of course!  A new super mall in Enfield, would make sure Enfieldians don’t have to trek to central London to find a nice top.

Westfield Enfield would breath life into the north London borough, that doesn’t have much to offer in terms of retail centres. Waltham Cross shopping centre is 2/10. And don’t even mention Edmonton Green shopping centre. It’s basically a big room room full of shops nobody wants. Such as Shoe Zone, Card Factory, the 99p Store, Iceland. There’s even a shop called Dem Carpets!

Here’s some interesting facts about Enfield, because we know you care.

– The Barclays Bank branch in Enfield was the first place in the world to have an ATM or cash machine. The world people!

– Eastenders star Kat Moon or otherwise known as Jessie Wallace was born in Enfield.

– There’s a nail salon on Hertford Road called Manhattan Nails, Victoria Bekcham used to get her nails done there. They even have a signed picture of her up on their wall.

Have I convinced you enough?


hackney hipster

No one can deny the effects of gentrification in Hackney. The north east constituency, known for its high crime rates, notable criminal residents such as the Kray brothers and various streets nicknamed Murder Mile, may not have been one of the most desirable places to live in London in the past. But recent developments has led Hackney to become one of the trendiest and most expensive hotspots for young hipsters.

House prices in Hackney grew at almost twice the rate of most other London boroughs last year. With the average price of a Hackney home now £436,376 – the fifth most expensive of all London boroughs.

And you know what that means right? People with money. Bankers, spoilt kids who get £500 a day in pocket money from their rich parents in Sussex and work as a part time blogger, running vegan crunk nights on the weekend… They are your new customers.

Hackney doesn’t offer much in terms of retail, unless you count all the betting shops that line the streets. There are plans for a new development called Hackney Fashion Hub, but that hasn’t been approved yet. And rumour has it that Kingsland shopping centre could get bulldozed to make way for some fancy apartment blocks.

Go on Westfield, do them a favour.

Camdenwestfield in camden

Camden Stables Market, Camden Lock Market, Camden Lock Village, Camden Buck Street Market and Camden High Street, offer hours of shopping for tourists and Londoners visiting the colourful borough.

But what about all the people who don’t want to buy platforms shoes, fancy dress costumes and vintage tat? Why not give them a ‘Village’ in the heart of Camden?

In terms of transport, Euston, Kings Cross and St Pancras are a quick bus ride away, so Parisians could hop out of bed in the morning and be in Westfield Camden by lunchtime.

Let’s not forget to mention that the HS2 railway will reportedly cut through Camden, when its first London to Birmingham stage is completed in 2026, closing a number of markets for an extended period of time. Where will people go to shop?

Convinced you enough? Oh and obviously Tulisa will be cutting the ribbons on opening night.


westfield in harrow

Do you know what Harrow’s famous for? A boarding school.

Something needs to change that. St George’s and St Anne’s shopping centre are Harrow’s most famous malls. I haven’t been to neither of them and the thought of going to one is the same feeling a child gets when they’re forced to go to church on Christmas morning, instead of staying inside and opening presents.

Harrow is known for being an affluent area, with average house prices in Harrow on the hill reaching over a million. I mean if people have millions to spend on houses, they’re going to spend a fortune in Westfield Harrow right?

There’s your research guys, now someone get planning!