Tinie_TempahTinie Tempah is just leaking secrets these days. First he told us about his mother-daughter sex story, now he’s revealed that Adele recorded a dirty rap while in the studio with him.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, the Trampoline rapper said that Adele joined him in the studio alongside Labrinth, and showed him a side we’re probably never gonna see.

I know Adele really well and she was with me and Labrinth in the studio when we recorded Earthquake. She also has this rap she recorded. It’s really filthy.

Can you imagine Adele talking about vaginas and penises and sex in a filthy toilet without a condom? No me neither. Tinie went on to say that we will never be able to hear the track.

She said if we ever play it to anyone she will sue us.

Just do it Tinie, it’ll be worth it!