The president of the Faculty of Public Health, Professor John Ashton, thinks the current age of consent is outdated and reckons we should all be having sex at 15. Official figures show that up to a third of teenagers are already having sex well before they reach the consenting age of 16.

It’s only one year you’re thinking, and people are doing it anyway right? But the world could be totally different if everyone was actually allowed to have sex at 15.

Remember that 12-year-old boy who got a 15-year-old pregnant, then found out the baby wasn’t his? There will be people like that everywhere.

15 year old pregnant


The ages you’re allowed to do other things will start getting lowered. We’ll be able to get a tattoo at 7, get married at 8, and adopt kids at 10.age of consent sex lowered

Queues outside sexual health clinics would look like new iPhone queues.

iphone queue

Everyone’s number count would be a lot higher.

number of sexual partners

Men like Jeremy Forrest would be the happiest men in the world.

teacher 15 year old girlfriend

What do you think? Should we all start shagging at 15?