andre wisdom car stupid footballer Andre Wisdom, the captain for England’s Under 21 team, has to win the award for stupidest footballer of the month. The 20-year-old somehow got his £100k Porsche stuck in the mud after getting lost on the way to his club’s own stadium.

Andre Wisdom porshe mudWisdom joined Derby County two weeks ago and was trying to get to their Pride Park ground. New to the area, the unlucky star used a satnav to take him to his destination.

Andre-Wisdoms-Porsche-stuck in mud

The satnav did not take him to his destination, but instead took him down a woodland track three miles from the nearest main road that led to a huge mud filled puddle, he thought it’d be wise to drive his fancy car into.

Andre-Wisdoms-Porsche-stuck in mud2

A mountain biker found the footballer’s Porsche Panamera Turbo stuck in the mud six miles from Pride Park on Saturday morning and called the police.

Why Wisdom would drive his Porsche through the mud is beyond me, but we’re sure he’ll get over it.

footballer Andre-Wisdoms-Porsche-stuck in mud

We’re just upset no one got any pictures of him trying to climb out of the mud!