big bum knickers before and after asda

From ironing board bum to pert and juicy derriere

Asda are launching knickers that will give you a bum like Kim Kardashian.

asda knickers give you bigger bum

The padded underwear is only £6, which means everyone who’s anyone will be able to afford them. The underwear contains hidden pads on the buttocks to make them appear rounder and thicker. And if you want to look like Vanity Wonder, then you can insert extra padding into the underwear to achieve the size you desire.

buttock enhancing pants asda

The knickers look a bit like adult nappies and are called Bodysculpt Great Bum Briefs.

I personally think it’s a silly idea, so here’s six reasons why you shouldn’t buy these bottom enhancing briefs.


miley cyrus bumnicki minaj

You can’t go from Miley Cyrus to Nicki Minaj overnight, it just wont wash.


butt pads asda

You’ll always have to have sex in the dark.



You won’t be able to do a stiptease for your boyfriend without him wondering if you suffer from urinary incontinence.


butt padsYou wont be able to play strip poker without people thinking your body parts are falling off.


bodysculpt knickers asdaThey’re from Asda. So if people find out you wear them, not only will they think you’re a loser, but they’ll know you went to Asda instead of Harley Street for ‘plastic surgery’.


cashier-1The person serving you at the till, will most definitely judge you.