X Factor contestant Hannah Barrett has spoken out about the Twitter abuse she receives – some of it racist – since she’s started the X Factor to Reveal magazine.

Talking about some of the comments that come through as she performs live week to week, Hannah said:

I’ve received a lot of horrible, racist comments on Twitter. People say I’m too dark to be a singer. People say, ‘You’re black and ugly’, nasty things like that.

However, instead of letting it get to her and feeling sorry for herself, Hannah told how she feels sorry for the internet bullies and branded them as “sad”:

The sad thing is most of them are made by black people who just have lighter skin than me.

The 17-year-old refuses to allow the abuse to get her down, as she revealed that her usual reaction to the bullies was one of nonchalance:

I’m just like, ‘Whatever’. I know they are talking rubbish.

Oh yes. Don’t pay them no mind, just focus on doing your best to win the X Factor with your impressive performances each week. *flicks hair*