chipmunk name changeIt feels like we’ve been waiting for years on Chipmunk to release some new music.

The 22-year-old rapper signed to T.I’s label Grand Hustle in 2011, worked with some big names and gave us some underground tracks and a mixtape. But no big album.

However today Chip told his followers that he was about to revolutionise British, urban culture and play his ‘role’. He said:

I’m tryna move the culture forward. It’s bigger than just releasing singles every year for me. Or only killing grime beats. Or only doing anything… I will slowly but surely play my part in making sure that urban culture in the UK is represented to the world correctly. I know what my role is now. It’s not just for me what I’m doing. It’s deeper than that.

The London Boy star also sent out a warning to anyone who thinks they are better than him, saying he was coming back to take over the charts.

I’m not even saying I’m the best… but who ever is just know I can hear you and you do not want me coming at your neack today! It’s time for me to play my part again on the album market.  I’m going for that Kendrick or J Cole verse… Would you put it past me… That’s who I am! That’s my role to play.

Your role is to diss rappers like Kendrick?  We can’t wait!