Now, I’m not quite sure why Clement Marfo would have a problem with X Factor nice guy Olly Murs but he does. And earlier on his Twitter, the rapper decided to go in on Olly calling him a fake artist.

He firstly accused the X Factor runner-up of buying Twitter followers:

Then got on to him for not writing his own material:

Then as if Olly wasn’t already staring at his Twitter mentions wondering “why me?!”, the Frontline frontman compared Olly to a fake designer bag:

Ah, that’s a little harsh. The friendly faced man hasn’t hurt anyone. I mean, is it so bad that he makes safe-for-radio songs, sings slightly tunelessly and dances like a cheap Justin Timberlake tribute act?

Clement had his reasons for complaining however, as the MC who co-founded The Frontline put some effort into finding the right band members to gain success. Unlike Olly who’s sort of had it handed to him on a plate:

We don’t mind some honesty. Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into a Twitter war. Although I think Olly Murs is way to nicey nicey to even reply.