photoshop cheapEver since free Photoshop clones started popping up on the web, everyone has become a professional photo editor.

Dark skin girls you went to school with, would appear two shades lighter in their Facebook pictures. And that fine boy, no pimples on MSN messenger, would be a pizza face when you met him in person.

did donatella photoshop photoTV presenter Donatella uploaded a photo to her Instagram page, showing off a teeny weeny waist and toned stomach. But it was the curving door in the background that caught our attention.

presenter donatella body

Donatella shows off her toned body after a workout

The 29-year-old has always had a trim petite body, so we’re not sure why photoshopping would even be an option.

Who knows? Maybe all the doors in Hollywood hills are this curvy?

miranda kerr photoshopped2-horz

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr was recently accused of photoshopping an Instagram photo. The mother-of-one uploaded a snap to the photo sharing site this week, which showed her with a much smaller waist than she had in the original photo, which was taken in 2012.

photshop fail curved bigger bum

Girls all over the world have fallen under the curse of the curving door. In order to make bums look bigger or waists look smaller, wardrobes, doors and walls have shape shifted into warped objects.

curving images photoshop fail

We need to do better people!

curving pictures photoshop 2