dizzee rascal radio 1 beef

Dizzee Rascal is furious.

The east London rapper has turned against Radio 1, calling them names I wouldn’t dare to say, because they refused to play one of his tracks.

He called those who work at the radio station ‘two faced pricks’ and said he would no longer play the nice guy role.

And no more Live Lounge guys, Dizzee is done with covering other people’s tracks.

Then it all got a little bit crazy as the race card was brought out. And we know there are going to be a lot of angry phone calls made this morning.

Dizzee didn’t clarify which song wouldnt get played, but we’re assuming it was Love This Town, which has the lyrics: “I fucking love this town”. Or his track with Will.i.am, Something Really Bad.

None of Dizzee’s tracks feature of Radio 1’s current playlist, yet Robin Thicke’s Give it to You, which has the word “dick” in it like 100 times, in on the list. Jay Z’s Tom Ford is there and even 2 Chainz Used 2 is featured. Have you guys heard these tracks?!

Pappzd have contacted Radio 1 for their side of their story.