dizzee rascal mad radio oneDizzee Rascal still hasn’t gotten everything off his chest, despite taking a days break from Twitter, after his shocking outburst in which he blasted Radio 1.

Today Dizzee apologised for his foul language then explained how the radio station had somehow controlled him.

He then carried on complaining about how he’s been struggling for decades and how no-one loves him and bla bla bla…

And it seems Dizzee doesn’t want to hear what other artists have to say as he shut Scrufizzer down, when he offered his opinion:


Is anyone else not feeling that sorry for Dizzee anymore? I mean yeah it’s tragic, your song isn’t on Radio 1’s playlist. But at least you’re not Starboy Nathan. At least you didn’t have to go on the X Factor, at least you weren’t denied by someone you done a collabo with.

Things could be worse.