dot rotten fast food
Dot Rotten is such a bad boy. He says what he wants. Does what we wants. And doesn’t want to be friends with anybody.

The south London rapper went on a bit of a Twitter rant, calling Lord of the Mics shit, challenged Jammer to a battle and dared other MCs to test him.

He started by clarifying that he would never appear on LOTM.

Except if it was the creator of the show, Jammer of course.

Dot Rotten made his thoughts clear on LOTM, saying Don’t Flop is the only real battle platform in the UK.

And just when we thought he’d stop and get back in the studio, Dot Rotten basically called every grime MC out there an insect.

Then the 25-year-old started getting a little bit cocky, telling his followers that no one was brave enough to approach him.