cold winter december 2013 This year, we were lucky enough to enjoy a very hot and very long summer, which we all know is slightly unusual for the rainy, dull and grey personality of Great Britain.

2013 coldest winter

Many of us remarked on how an extreme summer has to be followed by an extreme winter, and guess what? It will be, as new reports are claiming that we will be facing the worst winter in decades.

is this the coldest winter ever

According to Government forecasters, the UK will be facing months of freezing winds and plummeting temperatures, described as “exceptionally severe”. That means real coats people. And ladies don’t leave your house in just a bodycon dress. You will freeze to death.

The forecaster added that Britons should brace themselves for 100 DAYS of continuous snow! Which translates into 100 days of London’s trains not working, buses running late and hopefully no going in to work.

Ice Cake

The extreme weather is likely to hit next week and has already been compared to the winter of 2010, and the big freeze of 1963, when the Thames froze over.