musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3544 I’ve never seen G Frsh perform live, which means I’ve never seen that funny little Lego Man costume, I’m sure he keeps in the boot of his car.

g frsh lego man outfit musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3049

The south London rapper performed at Musicalize on 22 November, supporting Lil Kim and Eve.

musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3052

G Frsh even has a special guy to help him take off the Lego Man suit. Living!

musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3643

The Purples & Pinkies star performed L.O.N D-BOY and The Man jumping around on stage, while the crowd bounced along to the bassy tracks.

musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3655

At one point G Frsh even jumped off the stage to interact with his screaming fans.

g frsh musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3115

And after seeing G Frsh in that cardboard suit, which reminds of of a certain dream I used to have in my childhood, I might just have to leave my boyfriend for the man!

Check out some more pictures from his performance below.