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G Frsh is supporting Eve and Lil’ Kim for their Musicalize show at the IndigO2 tonight, and had a talk with Pappzd about his earliest memories of the female rappers.

Obviously as a male the poster of Lil Kim was very poignant for me.


Lil’ Kim’s infamous poster to promote her album Hardcore

Obviously! He added:

I remember Eve being very raw. She had the blonde hair and all the guys were in the back.

The south London rapper is currently working on an EP called Alfie.  G Frsh explained how the EP will explore a different side of his personality and touch on his relationship with women.

g frsh musicalize-supporting-and-main-act-press-interviews-nov2013-21

The Disturbing London star also spoke about making a track with Eve and Lil’ Kim, but the question left him in such a fit of giggles, we can only imagine that he was thinking of something really dirty and X rated.

Don’t miss the rapper performing alongside Paigey Cakey and Vince Kidd at Musicalize tonight.