iggy azalea vevo halloween partyOne thing I love about Americans is their passion for Halloween.

iggy azalea cruella de vil vevo halloween party

And even though Iggy Azalea isn’t an actual yank, she still showed us she meant business as she showed up to Vevo’s Halloween party on 31 October , dressed as Cruella De Vil.

iggy azalea Panther de Ville vevo halloween

Complete with a Panther de Ville car and a real life Dalmatian, the Australian born star gave photogs her most evil glare, as she pretended to be one of Disney’s most stylish villans.

iggy azalea dalmation cruella de vil vevo halloween party

Now the problem with using animals is that they’re unpredictable. Luckily for the Work singer, the dog didn’t release herself all over Iggy’s heels.

But the well groomed Dalmatian did get a little bit frightened by the flashing lights and almost done a runner, while Iggy tried to control her.