girl with no vaginaWhen Jacqui Beck was 17, doctors told her that she had MRKH syndrome.

MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), is a rare syndrome affecting the reproductive system, leaving sufferers with no womb, no cervix and most importantly no vaginal opening.

jaqui beck mrkh no vaginaJacqui, now 19, only has a dimple where her lady box should be, and was told by doctors that she’ll never have children, a period or sex. The pretty blonde is now undergoing treatment so she can enjoy what the rest of us naughty people get up to.

But until her flower is stretched wide enough for it to be usable, here’s five things she’ll never get to experience.


queefSouth Park fans will recognise the word queef, but for those of you who don’t, it’s basically that embarrassing sound that occurs during or after sex when air comes out of your vadge.


Anyone who listens to bashments songs will have heard the phrase “quint it”. Quinting involves squeezing the inner vaginal muscles and is great for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

Using her vagina as a storage unit

strange things woman put in their vaginas

Don’t ask me why, but some women, clearly not satisfied with the space their handbags provide, have chosen other locations to put their belongings in. Things that have been found in women’s vaginas include: a Donny Osmond poster, credit cards and a crack pipe. Poor Jacqui will never get to enjoy such privileges.


douching positions

Back in the days American girls with filthy vaginas used to douche. It was initially promoted as a birth control, (doesn’t work by the way) and has been linked to STI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical cancer.

Saying “Sorry babes, I’m on my period”

sorry im on my period meme