james arthur dating babestation lori buckby When the rumours started spreading that James Arthur was seeing an adult TV star, we had our doubts.

The X Factor winner had apparently fallen for Babestation presenter Lori Buckby after viewing pictures of her on Twitter.

james arthur girlfriend lori buckby babestation

Sources claimed that they pair had been meeting up and that things were getting serious.

James and Lori are really taken with each other and are very cute together. She’s often around at his flat and has been introduced to a handful of his close friends. One thing he likes about Lori is she’s not a gold-digger – she comes from a well-off family and has made a lot of money through her glamour modelling and Babestation work.

Definitely something James can boast to his parents about when he invites Lori round for dinner right?

However today the talented singer took to Twitter to refute the claims that the pair are dating:

james arthur tweet

Well that was solved quickly!