james arthur beef mickey worthless rap battle

James Arthur’s name is becoming synonymous with drama these days. On Saturday night he dissed Rita Ora in a radio rap. And today he threatened south London rapper Micky Worthless.

mickey worthless beef james arthur

It all started when Micky retweeted complaints about James Arthur’s Fire in the Booth. Fans of the Charlie Sloth show were disappointed that a singer had been chosen over a legitimate rapper.

Micky Worthless, a popular (and worthy) battle rapper, was clearly unimpressed with Charlie’s choice and went as far as to call James a waste of space!

Micky Worthless also accused James of not being himself and copying Ed Sheeran.

After finally using James’ Twitter handle, the X Factor winner responded, basically saying Micky was shit and threatening him.

The two artists then engaged in a lengthy Twitter battle which included James offering to hand Micky his own arse, and some other, sometimes sexually charged, comments.

James Arthur has confirmed that he will battle Micky, though we reckon Simon Cowell probably won’t allow it.

But if Cowell does give James the go ahead, we can’t think of anyone better than Jammer to set it up. Can you?