roxanne jeffers jammer girlfriendA glamour model, once linked to BBK star Jammer, revealed all in a kiss and tell story to The Sunday Mirror, about a fling she had with footballer Ashley Cole.

jammer fast life video roxanne jeffersRoxanne Jeffers, who starred in Jammer’s video Fast Life, told the paper intimate details about her brief affair with Ashley Cole.

The romance started after Roxanne commented on a picture of Ashley’s feet on Instagram. Apparently that was all it took for the Chelsea star, who then invited her to the home he once shared with Cheryl Cole.

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The mother-of-two started talking to Ashley via Instamessage, then took it to Whatsapp and Skype before he video called her from a hotel room.

He asked me where I was from and said we should meet up some time. He wrote, “Well, let me know if ur ever free & wanna chill”. I thought he was only joking at first but then he Skyped me from a hotel room so we could see each other face to face.

We wonder if they were fully dressed during this conversation…

He said he was in America with Chelsea but would be back at the weekend. He gave me his postcode and offered to get me a car from my home in Kent but I told him I’d prefer to drive.

Soon after, the Babestation presenter asked her grandmother to look after her children so she could drive to Ashley’s place in Surrey to ‘chill’.

ashley cole angry harveyRoxanne claims Ashley was a gentleman and a really lovely person, who talked about marriage, his nephews and had four showers a day. And even though he never wanted to be seen in public with her, he did let her stay in his house.

He never invited me out with him – which was a problem with me – but we hung out with team-mates who came round a few times. When we were together it was great – he’s even let me stay in the house when he’s out at training.

The 24-year-old now hopes that she can start taking things seriously with the Chelsea star and maybe, just maybe her interview with The Mirror might be the wake-up call that Ashley needs to show him that Roxanne is the one.

I know he’s busy but I’d like to spend more time with him. I hope we can still see each other. I really, really like him and he’s nothing like the cheating person he’s been made out to be.

Moral of the story: Tell a rich footballer he has nice feet and you’ll be set for life.