neon hitch boyfriend 2013
You’ve heard the saying, Kim Kardashian has proved it’s true, and it looks like 27-year-old singer Neon Hitch is loving the brothers, as sources have revealed she is dating Seattle based singer Ray Dalton after a rumoured relationship with Travie McCoy.

neon hitch dating ray dalton

Neon Hitch wrapped up her UK tour last week and was clearly missing Ray, so took time out of her busy schedule to Skype him.

We weren’t invited to the Skpye convo, so we’re not sure if it got a little bit raunhcy after she took the snap. But I know that when I’m skyping one of my overseas boyfriends, things can tend to get a little bit Babestationey.

ray dalton macklemoreRay Dalton sang the catchy hook on Macklemore’s track Can’t Hold Us and has featured on other tracks on Macklemore’s platinum selling album The Heist.

A source revealed that the two have a pact to marry each other if they are still single by the age of thirty. And while Neon Hitch has three years until she reaches the big 30, Dalton is only 22. The musical pair also have each others names tattooed on their bodies, according to the source.

neon hitch dating travie mccoy

Neon was rumored to be dating Travie McCoy after she sang on his track Ass Back Home and played his girlfriend in the video.

singer neon hitch dating travie mccoyThe talented artists have been pictured at numerous award shows and events together, looking like a couple very much in love.

neon hitch boyfriend 2013

Dalton has also shared some snaps of Neon on his Instagram account throughout the year, showing his fans how much he adores the colourful singer.

ray dalton girlfriend neon hitch

OK, so Ray Dalton isn’t exactly Travie, but he’s famous and his voice is amaze. So just get married already and stop making us wait!

Neon Hitch is currently finishing up her new Mixtape called 301 to Paradise, which she plans to release in the new year.