girl dies tampon walesA 14-year-old girl from from Caerwent, Wales, was found dead on Valentine’s Day after using a tampon for the first time.

Natasha Scott-Falber died from toxic shock syndrome , a bacterial infection affecting less than 50 people a year in Britain.

It was initially believed that Natasha was suffering from norovirus, but her family think the diagnosis was wrong. Natasha’s father found her dead on the morning of Valentine’s day, five days after she fell ill.

The family of the tragic teen have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the condition, so others can spot the signs earlier. They said:

Natasha died of toxic shock syndrome the first time that she used tampons. Generally speaking, it is accepted knowledge that leaving a tampon in for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome. In Natasha’s case, she followed all of the instructions and used the tampon correctly; it was simply the introduction of the tampon into her body which caused toxic shock syndrome to take effect.

Toxic shock syndrome is a bacterial infection caused when usually harmless Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus bacteria, which live on the skin, invade the bloodstream and produce dangerous toxins. The infection causes a sudden high fever and a massive drop in blood pressure.