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As this year’s winners of the MOBO Best UK Hip-Hop act, Krept and Konan were a fitting support act for the Hip-Hop filled night as Lil Kim and Eve were the headline acts of this month’s Musicalize.

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Opening with one of their biggest songs of 2013, My Story, the two proved why they were deserving of their status as one of the best Hip-Hop acts to come out of the UK in recent years.

For My Story, Misha B was brought out to sing the chorus wearing a monochrome jacket and trouser suit, bushy hair and a trilby hat.

musicalize-nov2013-headlined- by-lil-kim-&-eve3132

Misha wasn’t there only music friend invited on stage with the duo though, as Yungen and G FrSH aslo graced the stage to perform with the two.

Krept and Konan warmed the audience up with an energetic performance as the penultimate act before the headliners, a performance so lively that two female concert-goers got over-excited and ended up fighting with each other right near the stage.


At least that didn’t distract from their good set too much as the rowdy females were swiftly dealt with.