laura mvula with hair no longer bald

Laura Mvula must have read our post on 100 days of snow, as she has magically grown some brand new hair for the winter months.

laura mvula with hair

The 27-year-old singer uploaded some photos to her Instagram account showing off a new do. And looked like a completely different person with the curly wig.

laura mvual bald

Laura was one of the many black women who shaved off their hair when it became a big fashion statement a few years ago.

laura mvula with hair no longer bald 1

In a recent interview with the Guardian the Brummie singer revealed that she has had a difficult journey with her hair, after getting it chemically treated by a hairdresser in New York.

She put on the relaxer and was halfway through my hair before I stopped her. I knew it shouldn’t hurt this much – my scalp was on fire. By the time she’d finished the whole head my scalp was severely damaged and the chemicals had burned pot-holes in my head. I lost a lot of hair and it was a very steep, painful learning curve.

Laura started wearing wigs after her painful ordeal and tried the Rihanna half-weave/half-shave look for a while. But it was her cousin who made her take the big step and go bald.

 I bumped into my cousin after she’d shaved her hair very short and she looked incredible. She seemed so effortless and cool and I wanted that. And, I’ve had it like that ever since.

Well not any more!  We’re not sure which look we prefer though, what do you think?