Even though she mocked everything she stood for in her latest video Hard Out Here, Lily Allen has said that she’d love to collaborate with her new friend Miley Cyrus after meeting her on a trip to LA last week.

Describing her new buddy as “witty and clever” told the Mirror that she’d jump at the chance to record with Miley.

She’s probably way too busy for someone like me but yeah, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with her.

Maybe if she hasn’t got the time you could settle for some twerking lessons instead?

Lily then went on to say that her Hard Out Here video was not in fact a dig at Miley, who happens to be exactly the kind of artist that Lily takes the piss out of in the song. Hmmm.

I never went on record saying the video was a direct pop at her – it wasn’t.

People have come up with so many conclusions about that video that if I had to explain each of them I’d be there for hours.

So I didn’t feel the need to explain anything to her when it came out. Anyone who knows me, or follows me on Twitter, knows I love that girl more than anything.

If you say so Lily…