louis smith fat before and after I’m no Victoria’s Secret model, but I do like to be in good shape.

olympic athlete louis smith fat 2013

And If I were an Olympic athlete, it would be even more important to look good. But gymnast Louis Smith obviously doesn’t think so, as the once trim star looked like he’d eaten all the pies during a training session on Tuesday.

louis smith  nakedThe 24-year-old was known for his beautiful six-pack, that he showed off in various photoshoots during the Summer Olympics.

A few months after the games, Louis revealed that he hadn’t been working out:

As soon as the Games ended I just started eating loads of chocolate. I stopped going to the gym and just ate. People might think I couldn’t break the diet because I jumped straight into Strictly but I did. My abs are definitely slacking.

louis smith fat

Yh, we can see that!