44-year-old Ben Igbinedion faces a life sentence for beating his nephew Daniel Evbuomwan, three, to death after he wet the bed.

The child was staying at his uncle’s house in Bromley after being sent there by his grandmother who wanted the youngster to be taken to church the following day. Daniel, whose family lives in Nigeria, was in the UK to stay with his grandparent since early this year.

Daniel was taken to hospital on 2 March, where he suffered severe injuries which were described by the prosecutor to be as bad as injuries suffered from a traffic accident.

Igbinedion denied all charges of murder at the Old Bailey, attempting to blame the death of the child on his partner, and told the court that he woke the child up to go toilet at 5.30am and returned the child to his room. He claimed to not know what had happened to Daniel, stating that he was healthy all day.

However, his version of the story and putting the blame on his partner conflicted with the fact that Sandra Okundaye, who is a nurse, had been out of the house working that night.

When Sandra returned home, Ben was not at home and Daniel was found in his bed. When she tried to wake him, she realised he was not breathing and it was then that an ambulance was called.

Daniel’s mother Augustina who sent her son to live with his grandmother said of her child:

I am unable to sleep and, when I am able, I wake up in tears because I can no longer see Daniel lying by my side. I cannot get over his death because of the bond we had.

The jury found Igbinedion guilty of the three-year-old’s death and he faces sentencing on 27 November.