There are plenty of ways to get kicked out of a supermarket such as Asda.

Gallon smashing prankOne of them is by gallon smashing (pictured above). Another way is dressing up as a Nazi for a spot of grocery shopping.

nazi in asda cambridgeA 48-year-old man was thrown out of a Cambridge branch of Asda after dressing up as a Nazi and parading down the aisles.

The Nazi sympathiser identified himself on Twitter as Paul Dutton and despite us thinking this was a one off Halloween costume, Dutton said he has been dressing up in the uniform of an SS guard for ages!

I wear a black SS armband in Asda twice a week for past three years. I’ve shopped in Asda since the place was opened twice a week, this is how Asda repay me for my loyalty.

How very mean of Asda!

man in nazi uniform asda cambridgeAfter a number of customers complained to staff, the manager asked him to leave the store. Police were also called to reports of ‘nuisance behaviour’ but Mr Dutton had already left.

The incident is not being treated as a crime, because standing in a supermarket, wearing an offensive uniform is OK.