After Rochelle revealed that a freaky rendezvous with husband Marvin ended up with her taking a trip to the A&E, I started realising that the squeaky clean pop singer isn’t as innocent as his cheesy smile makes him out to be.

And now I’m beginning to realise that his angelic face is definitely hiding a devilish  persona as bandmate Aston let slip that one time Marvin got so carried away in the bedroom with Rochelle that he managed to break the bed!

Speaking at JLS’ last ever interview on the Capital FM Breakfast Show, Aston told host Dave Berry:

When Marvin first started seeing his lovely wife, Rochelle, we were living together in this apartment complex. 

They were upstairs doing their thing and I was downstairs watching a movie. I had no idea what was going on but then he came to the top on the landing all panicked and was like, “Mate, I’ve broken the bed”.

He’s seriously like The Incredible Hulk in the bedroom.

The Incredible Hulk? That’s either really sexy… or really scary. Depends on what floats your boat.