mickey worthless beef james arthurMicky Worthless has released a diss track for James Arthur,calling him a puppet and claiming that he sucked not only Simon Cowell’s but Louis Walsh’s dick.

The two artists engaged in a lengthy Twitter battle last night after complaints were made following James Arthur’s Fire in the Booth.

Micky talks about ruining James’ career and how the X Factor winner wouldn’t dare battle him.

Pappzd spoke to the battle MC who said:

If he doesn’t battle now, he is a total bitch and he can never talk this rap bullshit ever again. I have zero expectations he would battle me, even when we was saying he would. He is not about it at all. He was like a dude who was running his mouth knowing his mates will hold him back. He is definitely scared to battle me.

We have reached out to James Arthur’s representatives to find out whether or not he is actually allowed to battle anyone, though Micky told us that he hasn’t heard anything from the 25-year-old singer’s management and doesn’t think he ever will.

I haven’t heard anything from his management, and I don’t expect to. I would love it to happen just to embarrass him. There is no way I’d take it easy on him.

The song, called Stay in Your Lane, also criticises X Factor, Jedward and James’ teeth, sampling Anita Ward’s ring My Bell.