midwives leave baby in stationery cupboardTwo woman are accused of failing to provide appropriate clinical care to a baby after they put the child in a stationery cupboard, while working on a night shift at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, last April.

Yvonne Musonda-Malata and Christine Onade were responsible for a sick woman’s four-day-old baby. The mother has a health condition and trusted the nurses to look after her child while she slept.

Ms Malata allegedly checked up on the child, who was in a cot by the midwives station, before moving it into a large stationery cupboard after it became unsettled. As you do.

Nursery nurse Alex Curtis, made the shock discovery at 6:30am. She told the tribunal:

I went to the post-natal ward to get an envelope from the stationery cupboard and found a baby lying on its tummy on its own.The baby was in the cot just behind the door. I cannot remember whether the light was off or on, but I saw baby on its front and went to check if it was breathing. This was an unusual occurrence. We always lie a baby on its back as there is a risk of cot death.

Ms Malata and Ms Onade, who have denied all allegations, both confirmed that Ms Malata placed the baby in a cot in the doorway of the cupboard, but claim that the door was kept open.

Luckily the baby survived the ordeal.