Pappzd sat down with female rapper Paigey Cakey ahead of her performance at Musicalize today.


The young star will be performing alongside Lil Kim and Eve and spoke about her love for the US rappers, her plans for the future and what she’s wearing tonight. Paigey has a lot in store for us next year, including an EP and loads of shows.

2014 is going to be a big year, you can look forward to my new EP dropping in Jan, The Next Paige. A launch party. Loads of shows, more merchandies. New singles, videos. I’d like to do a mini tour too, like Manchester, Birmingham, London.

How is she going to find time to breathe!? It’s no wonder she still hasn’t found an outfit for Musicalize.

I haven’t even planned what I’m wearing for the show. I just wanna look my best and If I don’t look my best, I wanna look sick. I wanna look hot, like fire.

Like fire you say? Well the Hunger Game’s Katniss has the only fire dress in the world, but here’s some other ideas.

1. The Naked Lil’ Kim

paigey cakey lil kim musicalize

 2. Lil’ Kim MTV VMAs ’99

lil kim eve paigey cakey musicalize

3. The Lil’ Kim Squat Outfit

paigey cakey support lil kim musicalize

4. Lil’ Kim in Plastic

paigey cakey lil kim outfit

You’re welcome.