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If James Arthur took a second to think about the consequences of releasing a diss track, containing homophobic slurs and foul language, he probably wouldn’t be in the situation he is currently in.

An online petition to have James Arthur banned from performing on this weekend’s X Factor show, has attracted over 7000 supporters, and is likely to get many more over the next few days.

petition to ban james arthur from x factor

The Facebook campaign, Drop Homophobe James Arthur From X Factor, asks that the show’s producers remove Arthur from the weekend line-up after he caused such insult. The founders of the group have called the decision to invite James on the show unacceptable.

James caused controversy earlier this month when he released a track calling battle MC Micky Worthless a “fucking queer” and other highly offensive expletives.

He also sent a number of abusive text messages to fellow X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan, after she challenged his views.

ITV commented on the issue saying:

Both ITV and the producers of The X Factor would like to make it clear that in no way do we support, condone or share any form of homophobia or discrimination. Following his comments James has since apologised last week, making it clear that he did not mean to cause any offence and explaining the context behind his remarks

So does that mean he’ll be performing then?