jamal edwards running from grime king blacks

There’s no denying that SB.TV has gone from a strictly urban video hosting site to a mainstream machine that is slowly moving away from its grime roots.

And one MC who has noticed the change and clearly wasn’t happy about it, was south London artist Blacks who accused Jamal of running away from Grime.

jamal blacks grime

He tweeted a message with a picture of Jamal Edwards featuring on Intelligent Life Magazine, which we’re guessing he thinks isn’t a good look for Jamal.

The media entrepreneur was noticeably offended and replied to Blacks saying that he hadn’t abandoned the genre.

Jamal even invited the Sick Individual star to record some music, but Blacks politely declined.

To make matters worse, Blacks made a comment that must have cut into Jamal like a knife.

Jamal quickly replied, professing his love for Grime music.

Blacks also pointed out that Jamal’s SB.TV stage at this year’s Wireless Festival featured no Grime artists.

jamal vs blacks grime

Hmm, he kind of has a point there…

Blacks has since deleted some of his tweets and Jamal tweeted a video called Grime legends, to show that he still cares.