jamal edwards worth multimillionaireI’m no financial expert, but apparently being worth £8M makes you a multimillionaire these days. Well that’s according to BBC anyway, who have given SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards the enviable title.

The 23-year-old media entrepreneur was interviewed by Business reporter Will Smale, who went for the whole council estate to millionaire angle, and commented on how Jamal is worth more than £8M.

SB.TV makes a fortune by taking a percentage of YouTube’s advertising revenues for adverts that are linked to its videos. And with the channel getting millions of hits, you can imagine how much money Jamal’s earning.

But Jamal insisted that becoming a multimillionaire hasn’t changed him saying:

Honestly no, I come from a humble background, I’m from a council estate. It is nice to be comfortable, and be able to buy things for friends and family, but I’m not motivated by the money. I don’t want to be treated any different, I’m still the same person, I’m well grounded. And if I wasn’t, my friends and family would soon knock me down to size.

In July, Jamal revealed that he doesn’t have time for girls adding that a normal everyday chick doesn’t always get what he does. Which is crazy because I totally get what he does and I’m single and normal.

SB.TV is seven years old this month and celebrated with a 20 minute cypher featuring Goldfinger, Hoodman & Fira.