Who’d have thought that a feud between an X Factor winner and a battle rapper would have ended up with two diss tracks? Not me. But that’s exactly what’s happened as refusing to back down from a fight, James Arthur has responded to Micky Worthless’ diss track with his own.

Well Micky did say that James, wouldn’t dare battle him. But guess what? He dared.

Uploading the Hey Micky (Worthless) song onto SoundCloud, James used a picture of homeless man Ted Williams, who got 15 minutes of fame in 2011 for his impressive radio voice.

Is he trying to say that Micky is using this little war to gain small time fame?

**James has since removed the SoundCloud, due to everyone accusing him of being homophobic**

Responding to Micky’s claims that he would end James’ career, James half sings-half raps telling Micky that he’s Worthless (like his name), calling him the worst rapper he’s heard in his life and even suggests that Micky is a queer who might want to put his dick in him.

I wonder how long this is going to go on for.