All the dates for the So Solid Crew farewell tour, apart from the London show, have been cancelled at the very last minute.

The sudden cancellations from the tour, which was due to start today, follows the news that the grime/garage collective’s biggest show at the 02 arena would be moved to the less impressive Indigo2.


So Solid founder Megaman, who is usually vocal about such issues, must have been tired of being the constant bearer of bad news as he vaguely tweeted:


He then looked on the bright side (what else can he do?) and stated that originally, the So Solid members only wanted to do a London show anyway:


Ha ha, in yo’ face! (?)

Looks like the big farewell tour from one of the UK’s biggest grime acts has been reduced to a massive anti-climax when compared to the reunion tour that they did earlier this year.

Hopefully there won’t be any surprise announcements that tomorrow’s last remaining show at the Indigo2 has been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances” too. Fingers crossed, eh?